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Scattering Ashes Teapot

Scattering Ashes Teapot

Scattering Ashes Teapot – our wonderful maker Annie has made us this absolutely stunning teapot and we LOVE it!!

Annie is another one of our extremely talented makers who can design an urn that is 100% biodegradable so that you can commit your loved one’s ashes into the water.

She makes our gorgeous Suitcase Urn and can put up to 5 different travel stickers on it so they can have their favourite holiday destinations, the luggage label has their name on it.

We asked Annie to make a teapot urn for the Alice in Wonderland exhibition that is being held here at Hannah’s at Seale Hayne this summer. And she came up trumps, it’s brilliant. If you fancy a cuppa do pop in and see us – we’re based in The Chapel which is just behind the main Quadrant – we might even have a slice of cake for you!

Annie is fabulous and has designed loads of amazing water urns, from flat caps to garden sheds, and they will all fit a set of adult ashes. If you would like to commission a design from Annie just fill in the form on our website and she will contact you to discuss your design.

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