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Ashes into Diamonds, Swiss made Memorial Diamond

Ashes into Diamonds

Ashes into Diamonds can be made from the carbon in cremation ashes and hair, they are created by using extremely high heat and huge pressures over a period of time. Both ashes and hair contain a small amount of carbon which is turned into a diamond.  The carbon then forms a pure diamond crystal which is cut and polished just as mined diamonds have been for centuries. We recommend the ‘Brilliant Cut’ which has 58 facets and gives the very best sparkle. The raw crystal colour is not altered in any way and ranges from natural shades of blue.  For more information and to request a brochure please go to  Algordanza Diamonds

The Memorial Diamond is the perfect way to hold your loved one close by and never have to fully part with them. A way to keep them close forever and perhaps never even telling anyone ‘who’ your Diamond was created from. A comforting and very personal remembrance. Visit our Diamond page here for carat, cut and price information.

The second company we have found that also make real diamonds is Life Gem an American based company operating widely in the UK. They are more expensive with ½ carets starting at £4,995. The company makes the diamonds in the United States and uses a slightly different process, again it is all done with heat and pressure. Several ounces of the cremation ash are heated to a very high temperature which then leaves only the carbon. This is then heated under very high temperatures until it turns to graphite. The graphite is placed in a core with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal. This is put under a very temperature and pressure over a period of a few weeks until a rough diamond crystal has grown. This is then cut to produce the sparkle. For more details go to Life Gem


Ashes into Diamonds, UK made Memorial Diamond


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