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Penny Carter Memorial Glass

Penny Carter Memorial Glass – Meet Your Maker

Penny Carter Memorial Glass

Penny Carter Memorial Glass. We’re beyond thrilled that the amazing Penny Carter will be making memorial glass for us. If you’ve not yet come across Penny’s work then you are in for an absolute treat. Each piece pops with vibrancy and delight. You cannot see or hold her glass without a gorgeous warm and fuzzy feeling erupt inside you. Her work is the epitome of celebration.

About Penny Carter

Penny started out blowing glass before developing her love for torchwork. As she says, she has learnt to paint with a torch and hot glass. When you see her at work it is fascinating, she makes it look incredibly easy but you’ve only got to try one of her workshops to see that it’s definitely not!

“I create each bead individually in a flame, they then grow into unique pieces of jewellery. I started out as a glass blower and have gradually began working in a smaller scale to work more intricately with colour. Enjoying superposing the light of juicy transparent glass, and the deep pithy intensity of opaque colours. By peeling through these layers its possible to create edible fruit like seeds – chilli pepper and pomegranate, kiwi and prickly pear….spikey gooseberry or peppery damson.

I am exploring scale and the environment. Currently working on both blown and lamp worked glass. From blowing intricate glass bubbles on a torch, to lamp working spikes on large furnace blown bubbles. I am interested in scale and have been translating small scale jewellery designs into large blown bead columns. “

Penny has a workshop in the South Hams right here in Devon. Her workshop is nestled the banks of the River Yealm close to the sea and is a large influence on her work. The colours of the boats and their reflection on the water can clearly been seen in her glass pieces.

“Glass caries and reflects colour so well. By overlaying deep opaque and intensely translucent coloured glass I can paint with hot glass creating my personal colour palette.”

Contemporary Memorial Glass

Contemporary glass is the creation of a fine art sculpture using glass. The artist will use a variety of techniques in order to express their vision in glass. The three categories of technique are hot, warm and cold glass. Penny works with hot glass using a torch to melt rods of coloured glass. She layers the colours whilst shaping the design. It is during the layering of colours that she can infuse your loved one’s ashes so that they can sealed inside your sculpture of piece.

Memorial Glass by Penny Carter.

We are working with Penny on a range of contemporary glass memorial pieces that will contain the ashes of you loved one. Joyful Garden Pom Poms that you can put in your flowerbed or in a plant pot to candle holders that can literally light up your day. It really is the most beautiful way to celebrate the life of your loved one. A burst of colour that will lift your soul every time.

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    albaret - 2nd October 2023

    Bonjour Penny Je buvais dans le magnifique verre à pied bleu que tu m’avais offert il y a plus de 20 ans et je me demandais ce que tu étais devenue . Je t’embrasse. Francis (le papa de Camille) Bravo pour tes belles créations

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