Handmade Keepsake Urns – Meet Your Maker – Clare Mahoney

Handmade Keepsake Urns by Clare Mahoney

Handmade Keepsake Urns. Clare Mahoney is a ceramic artist with a fascination for the natural world. A member of the renowned Devon Guild of Master Craftsmen. She works exclusively in clay using a variety of techniques.  A graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, completing an MA at Howard Gardens in Cardiff. She studied at the honing her specialising and style at the Baltimore Institute in Maryland US

I am a ceramic artist with a fascination for the natural world. This passion has remained a strong theme throughout my work. It always has the innate ability to bring me joy, ground me and make me aware that we are more than a sum of our parts.

I work with surface; breaking up 2D space, abstracting natural forms and fauna to produce images that strive to capture a twisted tendril or fragile leaf. The pieces are wall mounted ceramic sculptures, or tiles for architectural or interior settings. The techniques of printmaking are used to illustrate the designs, creating a feeling of layers and elements collaged together.

I love the medium of clay, its impressionability, sensuality and earthy quality, opening a fresh bag of porcelain never ceases to excite me. My sculptural pieces are hand built, using the process of press mould porcelain. I make casts from found objects and pebbles. Their small size is based around the physicality of the hand, that lovely feeling of holding a tactile object in the palm of your hand.

Clare has designed an exclusive range of keepsake urns for Scattering Ashes. Using clay she will create a smooth pebble like urn and fill it with the ashes of your loved one or pet. The urn will feature either a raised flower or screen-printed image. You will receive a work of art that is both beautiful and completely priceless, a superb memorial.

You can choose a screen printed design or a cast embossed one. Both are exquisite and are so very comforting to hold in the palm of your hand. The cast embossed designs are almost therapeutic to touch and feel.


We are incredibly lucky to live in one of the most beautiful counties in England. I know we’re biased but with two amazing coastlines (North & South Hams), two fantastic moors (Dartmoor & Exmoor), and so much gorgeous flora and fauna can you blame us? Oh and we know how to eat scones properly – cream first!

We are also blessed with an array of talented makers: Artists; Carpenters; Ceramicists; Glassmakers; Jewellers; Potters; Stonemasons; Wood Pyrographers….these fabulous folk are passionate about creating a unique memorial piece for you to treasure.  We only work with people who meet two criteria – they must be amazing at what they do, AND they must understand the significance of what they are creating for you and your loved ones. And these folk really care and understand. They often talk about ‘the honour’ of creating memorial pieces.

Our Memorial Recipe:


The very best raw talent that you can find, that has honed their trade to its pinnacle

The world’s leading ashes experts

A dash of Devon Magic


Take your two ingredients and work them together to create ideas that will help bereaved people to celebrate the life of their loved one. Use the ashes expert to ensure capacities, longevity and fit for purpose are correct. Use the talent to create a memorial product. Test and revise the product until you it works perfectly and then finally add that special ingredient a dash of Devon Magic.

So that’s why we think you will love our ‘Handmade in Devon’ Range of memorial urns/jewellery/glassware/keepsakes/garden memorials. Because each one will be created just for you because we think that you and your loved one are worth it!


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