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pet horse ashes

Horse and Pet ashes memorialised in glass art

Horse and Pet ashes in glass sculptures

This is the first post I have done about memorialisation specifically for pet ashes, but when Rena Holford contacted me about putting something on the site about her ashes into glass sculpture I couldn’t really say no. These pieces of glass art are really quite something, beautiful, elegant and truly original. You can have the glass sculpture with or without ashes, Rena adds ashes to the pieces on the wishes of her customer. However it doesn’t stop at horses, all commissions are considered (and almost any size!): dog, cat or something more unusual. Have a look at her portfolio of glass art – it is very impressive.

The glass sculptures can be viewed from both sides, one side being highly textured and pleasing to touch. Because you can position the glass and the altering light, the images and colours change constantly at every angle giving the viewer a completely different perspective.

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    1 thought on “Horse and Pet ashes memorialised in glass art

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      Rena - 26th August 2011

      Fab Sculptures

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