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Ashes to Glass

Ashes within Memorial Glass

We will turn your loved one’s ashes to glass making an eternal memory that you can keep with you always. We work with a brilliant team of specialised artists who will create a fabulous memorial glass item for you.

How does it work?

If you choose to place ashes to glass we will send you an pack with everything you need to send ashes securely to our jewellers and glassmakers. We will need a teaspoon of ashes for each piece. As soon as we receive the pack we will let you know that it has arrived safely.

The ashes are then made into a beautiful and unique memorial ornament or jewellery piece. All of our artists have been hand selected for their ability to make stunning memorial work and that they understand the importance of what they do. Our artists have all experienced loss and are committed to ensuring that your loss is treated with the utmost respect and care that it deserves.

As glass needs to cool down slowly your piece can take up to 12 weeks from receipt of the ashes. Please see individual items for timeframes. If you have a specific date we will do our very best to ensure delivery but cannot guarantee it.

As soon as your piece is ready we will contact you by email to let you know that we are delivering your order. You will need to sign for your delivery, please leave any instructions in your comments section of the order.

We always return any ashes that cannot be included in the piece.

How do I know that my ashes are in the memorial piece?

The ashes are kept secure and only one set of ashes is worked on at any one time. This way you can be totally confident that your loved one’s ashes are in your ashes to glass item. When the jewellery or glass memorial is completed the artist will sign the Certificate of Authenticity. This is your guarantee that the ashes you have sent us are in the ashes to glass item you receive.


8 thoughts on “Ashes within Memorial Glass

  1. Reply
    Andrew - 17th September 2022

    How do you replenish the oil? It may be called an eternal flame but the oil won’t last forever so there needs to be an easy way to replenish the oil.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 3rd October 2022

      Hi Andrew
      Lift the metal sleeve and pour oil into the hole. This can be down with the candle alight. However we would not recommend that, the term is a figure of speech – as you would need to replace the wick from time to time. Sorry this wasn’t trying to deceive anyone.
      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Salma - 4th December 2018

    How is the flame eternal? Can it be un-lit and red?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 5th December 2018

      Hi Salma
      The eternal flame can be made, it can be made in red, and lit and put out again – this is the link:

  3. Reply
    Lisa - 21st May 2017

    Can the ashes be removed in the future or would this not be possible?

    1. Reply
      Hannah - 22nd May 2017

      Hi Lisa
      The ashes cannot be removed from these pieces after being made however we do have a range of hollow keepsakes which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

  4. Reply
    Anita Denton - 18th April 2017

    Do you have any pictures of ashes into glass jewellery please as I would like some of my fathers ashes made into a pendant .
    Kind regards

    1. Reply
      Hannah - 18th April 2017

      Thank you for your response. Our ashes into glass jewellery can be seen by clicking the below link.
      I hope this helps.

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