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Memorial Diamonds: £100 voucher for Phoenix Diamonds

Memorial Diamonds –

Good news: Phoenix Diamonds the memorial diamond company based and manufacturing in the UK is offering Scattering Ashes visitors a genuine £100 discount against any of their memorial diamonds. So if you want one on these…just fill in the contact form at the bottom! You will get a response back from the company in due course.

Making real diamonds from cremation ashes is a process carried out by very few companies, the diamonds are real and created from an industrial process using heat and pressure – they are difficult to make and time intensive. They come in a variety of colours from canary yellow to a light blue.

For more information visit the page ashes into diamonds

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    6 thoughts on “Memorial Diamonds: £100 voucher for Phoenix Diamonds

    1. Ian A - 23rd March 2011

      Wow, what a great idea. A permanent keepsake to a loved one in the form of a diamond made from ashes. The fact it’s permamanent increases its value.

    2. Lisa N - 10th March 2011

      A diamond made from ashes…How original…this is sure to be of much more sentimental value and a lasting memorial – thanks

    3. Richard S. - 1st March 2011

      What an imaginative idea. This would make a very treasured memorial.

    4. Matt - 26th February 2011

      What a great idea. Do people normally put the diamond into jewellery or are there any other common uses?

      1. Richard - 27th February 2011

        Putting the ashes into jewellery is generally what happens, ordinarily I believe it is a ring, but as you can imagine there are a number of ways such a wonderful keepsake could be displayed

    5. Philip Allen - 25th February 2011

      What a fantastic idea! I have been looking for suitable memorial and keepsake for my Grandmothers ashes and a diamond is the perfect object. This is something that will have great sentimental value and made more affordable by this voucher.
      Thank you very much.

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