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Range of Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes Jewellery – A helpful guide

Ashes Jewellery – A helpful guide

Ashes Jewellery has steadily increased in popularity over the last ten years, it is now a popular choice for many people, but is it right for you and what should you consider:

Ashes Jewellery will obviously contain a small amount of cremated remains (ashes) not much, it will depend on the size of the piece, some very small stones will contain only a few grains.

Are the ashes that you give us the ones that you get back?

They are the ashes you give us 100%. We follow a strict protocol of looking after ashes from the moment they arrive. Pieces are made independently and kept apart and all provided with a Genuine Certificate of Authenticity.

I am not sure I like the thought of ashes jewellery, is there some other type of memorial jewellery?

Yes, you can have fingerprint jewellery made, this however is not something we offer. 

I like the ashes jewellery but I would be worried about losing it?

Many people worry about losing a piece that is so sentimental, this is understandable. Our advice would be to either keep a little bit of ashes in a safe place so that it could be remade, or have a piece that is more of a keepsake – such as a glass heart which you can tuck away someplace safe.

How much ashes do you need?

We ask for a teaspoon full just to ensure we have more than enough but 90% of that will come back to you with your completed piece.

When I receive my ashes jewellery will I get some ashes back too?

Almost certainly yes, unless you sent in just the tiniest amount, we ask for a teaspoon full so the jeweller can select the right amount colour, size and shape needed. The rest will be returned.

How do I send you the ashes?

We can send an ashes pack before you purchase, or one will automatically be sent to you once an item has been purchased. This pack will contain everything you need to transfer and send the ashes: bag, spoon, pouch, order form and return envelope.

There are many concerns about sending ashes, we can put your mind at rest: In all the years we have not lost any ashes, also people are concerned after hearing or reading that the post office does not allow ashes in the post. This is true for a whole set of ashes; however, they make an exception for small amounts for this very purpose. Here is what they say:

Human or animal ashes

UK & International – Allowed in the mail, see restrictions and packaging guidelines below:

  • Volume per item must not exceed 50g.
  • Ashes must be placed in a sift-proof container and securely closed. Items must be tightly packed in strong outer packaging and must be secured or cushioned to prevent any damage.
  • The sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

What type of ashes jewellery is available?

The range and styles are extensive, Rings and Pendants are the most common but bracelets, charms, bangles, cufflinks and earrings can also be created. In fact, if there is a type of jewellery that you are looking for it is almost certain that it can be adapted to contain ashes. We also work with a very talented jeweller that can create bespoke jewellery items if you have a specific idea.

Are only women’s jewellery available?

No, there are many designs that are created for men, signet rings, pendants as well as leather bracelets.

How long should I expect to wait for my piece?

This depends on whether you are buying hollow or incorporated jewellery. With hollow jewellery the piece will usually be sent on an overnight delivery service. If, however, you are ordering a handmade piece these will take longer, the times vary depending on the jeweller but the range is between 3 weeks and 12 weeks, with the clock run from when we receive the ashes. We can occasionally speed things along if it is needed for a specific date, but this would very much depend on the jeweller’s work load at the time.

Are there different ways to contain the ashes?

Yes normally in handmade pieces the ashes would be contained in glass or resin, hollow items it is contained inside the void. The glass, resin and rolled items are where you need to send us the ashes for the jeweller to work into the piece, hollow pieces can be filled at home (a kit is provided) or we can fill these hollow pieces for you if you prefer.

What is the quality of the metal the jewellery is made from?

The silver is 925, for Gold it depends what you have ordered but usually will be 9ct. For some pieces we offer the option for the jewellery to be sent to the assay office to have it hall marked? This adds on time to the process.

Why is the Gold price not displayed?

This is because gold is expensive and the price changes daily. It stops you from being under or over charged.

Do you just do ‘normal’ yellow gold?

No, White Gold and Rose Gold can be purchase for some items, but it depends on the piece, these options are more available for items like rings and charms.

Is ashes jewellery delicate?

Ashes jewellery is like any other piece of jewellery- it needs a little looking after and there are a few do’s and don’ts – some soaps and shampoos will cause tarnishing as will going in a swimming pool, the chlorine will take the shine off.  We appreciate that you may not want to parted from your jewellery for one minute. However, to keep it looking in the best shape avoid swimming, bathing or showering with the piece on.


I have two set of ashes can have jewellery that holds both?

Yes some pieces lend themselves to this we have a range of what is call companion jewellery

I am not comfortable handling the ashes, what can I do?

Handling the ashes – this can be tricky for some people, each ashes pack does come with a spoon, bag and pouch for easy and discreet handling of ashes, however if this is too traumatic for you to deal with then either a friend or your funeral director should be able to help.

I think the whole filling thing is too fiddly, what can I do?

The ashes jewellery that you fill yourself comes with a kit and instructions, but it is still a delicate operation. If this is too difficult, please note that we do offer an ashes sealing service for you. If you want to fill the item yourself we suggest you carry the operation out over a piece of paper so that any excess can be easily captured and it is also best to use the very fine particles as they will fit more easily into the piece. Some advice on filling

I am not if I want the ashes visible or non-visible? 

This a question most people had not considered and for many it is an important one – do you want to be able to see the ashes in the final piece? Most of the time this can be accommodated – or if you want a little bit of sparkle added to hide the ashes more this can be done too!

4 thoughts on “Ashes Jewellery – A helpful guide

  1. Reply
    Pam Powell - 18th May 2022

    I would like an oval gold locket to contain my husband’s ashes. If I bought one and sent it to you with some ashes could you fill and seal it for me or could you provide a locket?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 19th May 2022

      I am sure we could help, we will email you separately.

  2. Reply
    Rebecca Read-Smith - 8th November 2021

    Hello i am looking to see if it possible to make a piece of memorial jewellery using my husband’s wedding ring, as is, some ashes and an existing pendant. Is that something you might be able to help with.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th November 2021

      We will reply directly, Thanks

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