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Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery: A Timeless Tribute to Cherished Memories

Losing a loved one is an incredibly personal and profound experience, and finding a way to keep their memory alive can offer comfort and solace. At our company, we specialize in crafting bespoke ashes jewellery, allowing you to carry a piece of your loved one with you every day or on special occasions. Through our collaborations with skilled artists and local Devon jewellers, we offer unique and heartfelt ways to memorialize those who mean the most to you.

The Art of Preserving Memories: Ashes into Jewellery

Our dedication to preserving your cherished memories drives us to constantly seek innovative and sensitive methods to incorporate ashes into beautiful pieces of jewellery. Whether you have a unique vision or are inspired by something you’ve seen, we are here to bring those ideas to life. If you come across someone creating exceptional memorial pieces or have suggestions, we are more than eager to explore new possibilities with you.

Types of Ashes Jewellery and Their Unique Benefits

Hollow Cremation Jewellery:
This type of jewellery is perfect for those who wish to keep the ashes of their loved ones close in a discreet manner. Our collection includes Silver or Vermeil gold (gold-plated) options, each featuring a charm or pendant with a hollow interior and a secure screw fitting. To ensure you can transfer the ashes safely at home, we provide a special kit designed for you to personally seal the ashes within the jewellery. This process allows for a very personal touch; however, we understand it can be emotional, and we are ready to assist in sealing the ashes if you find the task daunting.

Ashes to Glass Jewellery:
Choosing our Ashes to Glass Jewellery means opting for a piece where ashes are expertly combined with glass to create a visually stunning and enduring keepsake. Once you select this option, we send you a pack containing all you need to send us a small amount of ashes securely. Our jewellers, who are handpicked for their exceptional skill and empathy, will transform these ashes into a unique and beautiful piece of jewellery. They are committed to handling your beloved’s memories with the utmost respect and care, ensuring that the finished product is not only beautiful but also a fitting tribute.

Bespoke Jewellery:
For those who desire a custom-made piece, our 'Especially for You' service offers bespoke jewellery. This service is ideal for individuals who may not have ashes but possess personal items of the deceased. Our jewellers can incorporate these items into a custom-designed piece that reflects your style while honouring your loved one's memory. This option is particularly meaningful for those looking to carry forward a physical piece of their loved one’s legacy in a daily wearable format.

The Emotional Significance of Ashes Jewellery

Wearing ashes jewellery can play a crucial role

in the grieving process, offering a tangible connection to the memories of a loved one. It provides not just comfort, but a personal sanctuary that holds a special meaning. This form of memorial allows individuals to keep their loved ones close in a manner that is both beautiful and discreet, enabling them to feel connected through a physical token of remembrance.

Privacy and Personal Connection:
One of the key benefits of ashes jewellery is its discretion. The jewellery serves as a personal and intimate reminder of the deceased, which can be shared and disclosed at the wearer’s discretion. This allows individuals to control their grief and the memory of their loved one in a way that feels right for them.

Continuous Presence:
For many, wearing a piece of jewellery that contains the ashes of a loved one provides a sense of ongoing presence. It’s a way to cherish the bond that continues beyond physical separation and can bring significant emotional relief and comfort, knowing that their loved one is symbolically with them at all times.

Commitment to Quality and Sensitivity

Our jewellers, based locally in Devon, are not just artisans; they are empathetic individuals who understand the deep emotional significance of their work. Each piece of jewellery is crafted with precision, respect, and a heartfelt understanding of the importance of what is being entrusted to them.

Handcrafted with Care:
Each jeweller invests time and meticulous attention to detail in crafting every piece of ashes jewellery. From the initial design to the final creation, each step is performed with the utmost care to ensure the final product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Materials and Craftsmanship:
We use only the highest quality materials, including sterling silver, gold, and specialty glasses, to ensure that every piece of jewellery is durable, beautiful, and worthy of commemorating your loved one. The processes we employ, including hollow cremation jewellery and ashes to glass techniques, are chosen for their ability to securely and elegantly encapsulate the ashes within stunning designs.

The Creation Process: A Journey of Remembrance

Initial Consultation:
The journey begins with a consultation where we discuss your vision and preferences. Whether you have specific ideas or need guidance, our team is here to support and provide suggestions that align with your desires.

Secure Handling of Ashes:
We handle the ashes with the highest respect and security. Upon receiving the ashes, we ensure they are treated with care throughout the crafting process. We notify you once they arrive safely and keep you updated until the completion of your bespoke piece.

Delivery and Presentation:
Each piece of ashes jewellery is delivered in a beautifully designed presentation box, making it not only a personal treasure but also a beautiful gift option. We understand the importance of this purchase, and we ensure every detail reflects the significance of the item.

Explore Our Collection

We invite you to explore our extensive range of ashes jewellery. Whether you are looking for something simple and understated or a more elaborate design, our collection is designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Discover the perfect way to keep your loved one's memory alive with a beautiful piece of jewellery that you can carry with you always.

At the heart of our service is a commitment to providing not just a product, but a profound experience that honors the memory of your loved ones with respect, dignity, and beauty.

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6 thoughts on “Ashes into Jewellery

  1. Reply
    Georgia Church - 23rd April 2023

    Hello, I recently lost my mum and I really want to keep her with me! So I was thinking about putting some of her ashes into a ring? Could this be possible? And how do I go about doing it?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th April 2023

      Hi Georgia
      Yes is is possible we do these are your options: Ashes Rings
      Any help needed – email or call
      Many thanks

  2. Reply
    Pat Bagwell - 29th July 2021

    I have lost the diamond from my engagement ring would it be possible to have my husbands ashes put in it’s a gold solitaire ring.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 29th July 2021

      I am sure we can help Pat I will email you directly.

  3. Reply
    Kelee Osullivan - 9th December 2020

    Received my order today a beautiful Pandora charm with my nans Ashes in. Amazing service and the bead itself is just beautiful! Now I will always have my nan with me. Can’t thank you enough ❤️

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 11th December 2020

      Thank you Kelee – we are so pleased you like it. All the best Richard

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