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Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery

We want you to be able to cherish your loved one so we have worked with artists and suppliers to offer you something that you can wear every day or on special occasions. We are always looking for new and interesting ways to put your loved one’s ashes into jewellery. If you have an idea or know someone who is doing something amazing let us know.

There are a few ways to put ashes into jewellery I will explain how they work and the benefits of each type.

Hollow Cremation Jewellery

Hollow cremation jewellery is the perfect option if you want to keep the ashes with you. You can have Silver or Vermeil gold (gold-plated) hollow cremation jewellery. Charm of the bracelet or pendant is hollow with a screw fitting so that you can place a small amount of ashes inside. They come with a kit so that you can glue the screw in place once you have put the ashes inside. This means that you can transfer the ashes safely at home yourself. If you are struggling to do this, it can be emotional, we can do this for you.

We have a range of hollow pendants and bracelets that you can choose. We have just added vermeil gold pendants to this range.

Ashes to Glass Jewellery

If you choose to place ashes to glass jewellery we will send you an pack with everything you need to send ashes securely to our jewellers. We will need a teaspoon of ashes for each piece. As soon as we receive the pack we will let you know that it has arrived safely.

The ashes are then made into a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery. All of our jewellers have been hand selected for their ability to make stunning memorial pieces and that they understand the importance of what they do. Our artists have all experienced loss and are committed to ensuring that your loss is treated with the utmost respect and care that it deserves.


Click here for more information about ashes to glass jewellery.

Especially for You or Bespoke Jewellery

We have some talented jewellers who will hand make a piece of bespoke jewellery. People often speak to us and say that they would like a piece of memorial jewellery but no longer have the ashes. If you have items of jewellery of your loved one our jeweller use these to create something that suits your style and that you can wear everyday. For more information contact us here.

6 thoughts on “Ashes into Jewellery

  1. Reply
    Georgia Church - 23rd April 2023

    Hello, I recently lost my mum and I really want to keep her with me! So I was thinking about putting some of her ashes into a ring? Could this be possible? And how do I go about doing it?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th April 2023

      Hi Georgia
      Yes is is possible we do these are your options: Ashes Rings
      Any help needed – email or call
      Many thanks

  2. Reply
    Pat Bagwell - 29th July 2021

    I have lost the diamond from my engagement ring would it be possible to have my husbands ashes put in it’s a gold solitaire ring.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 29th July 2021

      I am sure we can help Pat I will email you directly.

  3. Reply
    Kelee Osullivan - 9th December 2020

    Received my order today a beautiful Pandora charm with my nans Ashes in. Amazing service and the bead itself is just beautiful! Now I will always have my nan with me. Can’t thank you enough ❤️

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 11th December 2020

      Thank you Kelee – we are so pleased you like it. All the best Richard

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