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Cremation Process

Scattering poem for scattering in woods and trees

A very kind lady wrote the following for my father in 2008 and has been asked on occasion if others can use it.

She says ” I am happy for anyone to use it if it fits the occasion. If you would like to put it on your website I hope it brings nothing but solace to a family as it did to ours.”

At the End –


We stand as testament to your will

That governs us post mortem still

You wanted that we bring you here

In words unambivalent and clear

To spend your afterlife at ease

Scattered near your favourite trees

At your final resting place

Soon there will be not a trace

Of your ashes on the ground

But your presence will be found

In every scrap of DNA –

Lots of which is here today.

As in your life, your will will out.

That we obeyed you there’s no doubt

You would like we make no fuss

Of how you’ll linger long with us

We loved you more than words can show

But now’s the time – to let you go

By Jennifer Levenson 2008

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