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poems for ashes

Ashes in the Wind by Robert Challans 

We have had a lovely poem submitted by one of our visitors, we thought we should share it, we hope you like it…


Ashes in the Wind.

Mourn me not as I dance upon the wind

Be not sad as I go my way

Now is the time to be my friend

On my final journey today.

Remember me with fondness

Shed no tears of sorrow

These things that go beyond us

Will all be here tomorrow

I am now in a better place

No pain to haunt my soul

Living in a better grace

My life has become whole

So live your life as you must

It’s been fun along the way

Think of me with loving trust

But don’t waste your tears today.

Robert Challans

2 thoughts on “Ashes in the Wind by Robert Challans 

  1. Reply
    Sue - 25th June 2020

    Thank you very much for this site. I was struggling on how to start searching for scattering ashes poems.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 29th June 2020

      That’s great Sue. This is the main page Poems for scattering ashes
      All the best

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