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Venice – the ideal destination to scatter your ashes?

Scattering ashes over water is symbolic whether over the sea or a river. And so many people have strong connection to enchanting city of Venice – so what better place than to scatter them than over the famous lagoon.

Every year there are a huge number of requests for people to be scattered at the Isola di San Michele – (Venice’s cemetery) where space is very limited. Most requests are refused so people opted for the lagoon, the authority had prevented this on what it claimed was environmental grounds. Now they have changed their minds.

A  spokeswoman for Venice Council said: “Having Venice as your final resting place is a dream for many and the law will allow people to scatter ashes in public places and not just the lagoon.

“We have dozens of requests every year from people who want to be buried in the city’s only cemetery or scatter the ashes of a loved one or have their own scattered but we have to refuse permission.”

The new bylaw, set to be passed this year will be allow ashes to be scattered from a pontoon bridge near St Michael’s and at a special point 700m out into the lagoon for health and safety reasons.

The cost to us in the UK or those of us who are non residents, to have your ashes scattered in the lagoon would be 350 euros (£295) and a lot less if you are a local. You will need to apply to the city Authority, I am afraid we don’t have contact details.

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