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cremation ashes in woodland tree and forest

The Woodland Trust: Policy on Scattering Ashes


The Woodland Trust is a Charity that aims to enable the creation of more native woods and places rich in trees; protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future and inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees. They have a significant estate across the country.

In order to protect our most vulnerable sites they have to look at requests to scatter ashes on a site-by-site basis, and to contact our team to find out if they can scatter ashes on the site they have in mind.

To find out if a particular Woodland Trust site falls under any of these classifications you can contact our support services team on 0330 333 3300 or

They have a bewildering list of exclusions (so best to contact them):

  • Ancient Woodland Site
  • Ancient Semi-natural Woodland
  • Areas of Special Scientific Interest
  • Candidate Special Area of Conservation
  • Conservation area
  • County Archaeological Site
  • County Wildlife Site
  • Local Nature Reserve
  • Long Established Woodland of Plantation Origin
  • National Nature Reserve
  • Planted Ancient Woodland Site
  • Proposed area of Special Scientific Interest
  • Proposed Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Ramsar Site
  • Scheduled Ancient Monument
  • Site of Local Nature Conservation Importance
  • Site of Special Interest
  • Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Special Protection area
  • World Heritage Site
  • Local Wildlife site

12 thoughts on “The Woodland Trust: Policy on Scattering Ashes

  1. Reply
    John Downes - 24th January 2023

    Thank you Richard, would you know how to find out who the landowners are?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th January 2023

      Dear John
      It says it is private ownership, so the two options are or write to them the old fashioned way!

    2. Reply
      Tina Bruce - 31st August 2023

      Hi. My father has requested that his ashes be scattered in the Bluebell woods in Benson, Atherstone, on Warwickshire. Are these woods privately owned and how do I find out who owns them, to seek permission.
      Many thanks.

      1. Reply
        Richard Martin - 8th September 2023

        Hi Tina
        First stop the land charges registry – this should tell you the owners.

        Kind regards

  2. Reply
    John Downes - 23rd January 2023

    My wife has recently passed away and one of her wishes was to have her ashes scattered in Serlby, Doncaster. Who do I need to contact for permission?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th January 2023

      Hi John
      Yes you would need to check with the landowners

  3. Reply
    Tracey Hilton - 16th July 2020

    Hi where I’m Blackpool can I scatter my mothers ashes she would like to be in woodlands

  4. Reply
    Chris - 23rd September 2019

    Where in the south of England can my ashes be scattered in a woodland setting?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th September 2019

      I am afraid we don’t have a complete list of all woodland as there are far too many. The best thing is to work out where you want the ashes to be then approach the land owner, or look on the Woodland Trust site, the Natural Trust site, or the Natural Death Centre site.

  5. Reply
    Sue Glithero - 5th August 2018

    What sites do you have In Derbyshire where ashes can be scattered?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 6th August 2018

      Dear Sue
      You would need to check with the woodland trust directly –

      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

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