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scattering cremated ashes switzerland

Switzerland – scattering ashes in the river Ruess at Lucerne

scattering cremated ashes switzerland

I do like it when I can report another place to scatter and this is the first I have found in Switzerland, authorities in the city of Lucerne have announced that Hindu funeral rites will be officially permitted on the river Ruess.

These ceremonies were previously unofficial, but after an environmental study gave the ‘thumbs up’ the city has given it its full backing.

The study showed that as many as 20 ceremonies, involving the dispersion of ashes from an urn into the water, can be held annually without any harm to the environment. Well ok that is not that many and I wonder how they calculated it – but it is a positive step. I suppose they were being quite cautious and perhaps didn’t want ‘ash tourism’ (I have just made that phrase up) as it is the first city in Switzerland to do so.

Andreas Tunger, who studies religion at the University of Lucerne, believes the city’s decision is a first for Switzerland.

“This appears to be the first time an official place has been named,” Tunger told World Radio Switzerland (and both people listening were quite surprised! – sorry, I am sure World Radio Switzerland has a huge audience from all walks of life and corners of the globe)

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