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policy on ashes at sheffield wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday: Policy on scattering ashes

policy on ashes at sheffield wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club based in Hillsborough in the north of the city have a designated area is directly outside the ground on the south stand bridge for the purposes of scattering ashes of the their fans and supporters. It is outside the ground rather than inside so family and friends can pay tributes at any given time should they so require.

The cost? “There is no cost and this is an effectively public service if that makes sense……all done at the convenience of the respective party.”

To make arrangements you will need contact the club directly.

Well played the Owls as they say…

6 thoughts on “Sheffield Wednesday: Policy on scattering ashes

  1. Reply
    Samantha luff - 21st February 2024

    Hi my brother passed away last year 12.03.2023 it’s very soon coming up to is 2 year anniversary it’s also his birthday in the 17.03.2024 he died unexpectedly at the young age of 51 we haven’t known what to do with his ashes then I realised he was a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan and I think scarring is ashes would be amamzing for the whole family please get back to me asap it would be amazing to do it in his birthday if possible
    My name is Samantha Luff my brothers name was Dean Luff

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 8th March 2024

      Hi Samantha
      Thanks for enquiring, you would need to contact Sheffield Wednesday directly to find out whether it is possible.
      I hope it works out for you.
      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Tammy sayles - 22nd April 2022

    Hi there my grandad recently passed away and he was such a massive fan of Sheffield Wednesday club he youst to go to every game until he became to ill to go we would absolutely love to honour him by scattering his ashes at his favourite football ground he would have wanted this if someone could get back to me I’d be so grateful kind regards miss sayles.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th April 2022


      You need to contact the club directly:

  3. Reply
    Alex Dixon. - 20th June 2020

    My dad died suddenly on Thursday 21st May 2020. He has been life supporter of the club. I am Sheffield Wednesday fan and attend all home matches. It would be an honour to have his ashes scattered at the club. I will remember him and feel close to him every time I’m there.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 23rd June 2020

      Dear Alex
      You will need to approach the club directly I am afraid. I hope it all goes well.
      Kind regards

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