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Scottish Wildlife Trust Policy on cremated remains


This is there policy summary:

Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) will not permit burials of bodies or ashes on its wildlife reserves. However, SWT is happy to consider the scattering of ashes in a sensitive manner on reserves, and in exceptional circumstances will also consider memorials.

You are supposed to contact the relevant Scottish Wildlife Trust Conservation Manager in the first instance detailing when and where on the reserve who will then check if this is okay and they will let you know.

You are expected to:

  • scattered discreetly,
  • disperse the ashes well
  • steer clear of footpaths and if possible,
  • scatter at a time when few visitors are present

They do also permit memorials in certain circumstances.

I like this policy, sensible and considered – well done the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

To see a full copy of their policy click on SWT POLICY


2 thoughts on “Scottish Wildlife Trust Policy on cremated remains

  1. Reply
    Daniel white - 21st August 2022

    Hi ,my wife and I would like our ashes to be scattered on the Isle of Iona, abbey if possible when the time comes. Could you please tell me if this would be possible, and how we would go about arranging this. Any information would be appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Daniel white

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 26th August 2022

      Hi It is likely to be possible, as the beach could be used if permission could not be obtained for the Abbey grounds. I would advise putting your request in your will, advice the executor of your request and make financial provision for someone to do this on your behalf.
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

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