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ashes in wales cremation

Scattering Ashes – Welsh Historic Sites

ashes in wales cremation

Good news for those from Wales and lovers of welsh historic sites, Cadw the organisation that looks after 130 historic welsh sites have a policy and a procedure – as follows:

Written requests (by letter or email – please see details below) to be made to Cadw, with basic information including which site the family/friends wish to carry out the scattering, and on what date (if they have one in mind).

Necessary enquiries made within Cadw (to check suitability of site/date/timing etc and to make sure there are no events/works etc taking place at the monument which could conflict with a scattering.

Cadw clears the request with the Environmental Health Officer of the relevant local authority.

Postal and email details:

Plas Carew
Unit 5/7 Cefn Coed
Parc Nangarw
CF15 7QQ
Email: Cadw@wales.gsi.gov.uk

Once the above has been done, written approval can be issued, which also includes two basic conditions, which are:

1) There must be no disturbance of the ground; and

2) the scattering to be carried out discreetly to ensure privacy for the family/friends, and also out of courtesy for our other visitors.


This information was correct at the time of publication, organisations can change their position so for the most accurate information please contact the origination in question directly.

10 thoughts on “Scattering Ashes – Welsh Historic Sites

  1. Reply
    Gareth Williams - 12th March 2021

    Dear Sir/Madame,
    When the time arrives, l wish to have half of my ashes scattered at Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley, Monmouthshire.
    Is this possible please?
    I know that the site is operated by Cadw on behalf of the Welsh Government.
    Many thanks

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 15th March 2021

      Dear Gareth
      My advice would be to contact the site operators directly here is the page you need https://cadw.gov.wales/visit/places-to-visit/tintern-abbey#contact-us
      I hope everything works out okay.
      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    L Evans - 23rd January 2021

    Hi are you able to scatter ashes at Roath Park in the rose gardens?

    Thank you

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 27th January 2021

      Dear L Evans
      Roath Park Cardiff, Wales, is one of Cardiff’s most popular parks, owned by Cardiff County Council and managed by the Parks Section you would need to contact them, scattering in urban parks is often prohibited due to usage.

  3. Reply
    Jane Bailey - 23rd June 2020

    Is it possible to scatter ashes at Cardiff Bay?
    I’d like to do this the weekend I’d 8 Aug 2020
    Thank you

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 24th June 2020

      Dear Jane

      Currently we have no boats operating in Cardiff bay, although I am sure there are charter companies that can help you. You don’t need a licence or permission for this and you can do this from the waters edge if no service is available.
      I hope this helps
      Kind regards

  4. Reply
    Natasha - 29th August 2019

    I would like to know if it’s possible to scatter ashes at the beach in Porth dafarch on Anglesey- are their any restrictions?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 30th August 2019

      The beach appears to be owned by the National Trust who are accepting of scattering ceremonies, I would also suggest going to our page on beach scattering for general advise on the this method of scattering. Thanks

  5. Reply
    Andrew William Bebb - 27th November 2018

    I wish my ashes to be scattered at The Rhondda Golf course, if possible

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 27th November 2018

      Dear Mr Bebb
      Golf clubs don’t tend to declare their scattering policy, however many can be quite accommodating for members. You would need to contact the club directly I have looked up the contact page for you: http://www.rhonddagolf.co.uk/contactform.aspx

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