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Scattering Ashes in Kingston Upon Thames

When faced with the deeply personal decision of where to scatter the ashes of a loved one in Kingston Upon Thames, it can be challenging during a difficult time. Kingston Upon Thames is an area steeped in rich history and natural beauty. From lush green parks to tranquil riverside locations, it presents a variety of options that can resonate with the deceased’s preferences, memories, or locations of shared experiences. We work with a company called London Funerals a funeral director in Kingston Upon Thames that has many years of experience serving the local community. As such, we’ve curated a guide with a selection of areas to scatter the ashes that are both poignant and within the local regulations.


One of the most beloved places in Kingston Upon Thames is Richmond Park. As the largest of London’s eight Royal Parks, it boasts a stunning landscape of hills, woodlands, gardens, and grasslands. With its undulating topography, it provides a peaceful and secluded space, making it an ideal spot for scattering ashes. However, it is crucial to obtain the necessary permissions from The Royal Parks before proceeding. This document explains their current policies regarding scattering ashes in the Royal Parks.


Another location that may hold personal significance is the beautiful riverside along the Thames. The River Thames has always been a significant landmark in Kingston, providing a serene backdrop for countless memories. From its bustling town centre stretch to the more tranquil reaches towards Hampton Court Palace, scattering ashes here could represent a symbolic return to nature and a connection to the town’s heart. You don’t have to apply for any special permission permit. You could scatter from an accessible riverbank, or even book a boat trip for the occasion.


The expansive Canbury Gardens, located along the river, is another location to consider. This serene and well-maintained park offers a tranquil environment for quiet reflection. Scattering ashes under a favourite tree or near the bandstand could provide a beautiful, peaceful final resting place.


For those who favoured peace and tranquillity, the ancient churchyard of All Saints Church, located in the centre of Kingston, could offer a solemn and spiritual location. As a place of worship and contemplation for centuries, it might provide a sense of solace and continuity. Before choosing this location, liaise with the church authorities regarding the regulations and costs for scattering ashes.


Lastly, the private gardens of your home or the deceased’s residence might serve as the perfect spot for scattering ashes, especially if the person cherished their home. This provides a private and personal location, always accessible to the family for moments of quiet reflection. You don’t need to ask permission from the local authority but we suggest making note of the location on which provides a free reference point for future records.


Before proceeding with the scattering of ashes in any public location in Kingston Upon Thames, it is vital to ensure that the scattering is carried out respectfully and discreetly. If you wish to scatter the ashes, please just let us know and we will arrange for the ashes to be delivered in a special urn to make scattering the ashes a simple, dignified process. The act of scattering ashes is a profound and emotional one, serving as a tribute to your loved one.

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