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Scattering Ashes – Arsenal FC

Here is what the Gunners have to say on the matter of scattering cremation ashes at the Emirates Stadium…

Ashes are not interred or scattered at Emirates stadium.

Also, there is no memorial plaque within the Stadium for individual memorials. The board arrived at this decision after much consultation and had investigated many different avenues.

However if you visit the Arsenal website; this gives you and opportunity to personalise a granite stone in memory of your [loved one] which will be placed outside the Armoury in the near future.


It appears they do have some form of memorialisation – which is a step in the right direction

This information was correct at the time of publication, organisations can change their position so for the most accurate information please contact the origination in question directly.

2 thoughts on “Scattering Ashes – Arsenal FC

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    Cherie Barrow - 1st January 2019

    Hello my names Cherie my husband has been a supporter of his beloved gunners club since he was 17 with a heavy heart I lost my husband to heart failure from chemo treatment here in Australia he was born in England and lived there for years I’m so lost without him what I am asking if you sell urns in your Arsenal Club colours he was loyal to your club until he passed always wanting to know the score in ICU he was a premium member here I buried him in his Arsenal Jersery this is so hard but to honour his short life hoping you might be able to help me warm Regards Cherie Barrowv .

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 4th January 2019

      Dear Cherrie
      We are a private company not related to Arsenal. I don’t think Arsenal sell urns, a company called colourful coffins in the UK may be able to help. I hope that is some help.

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