cremation urns and ashes

Scatter ashes – National Trust for Scotland

cremation urns and ashes

This is what the National Trust for Scotland have to say:

The Trust has no formal policy which would cover all situations across the wide range of properties that we have responsibility for in Scotland.  The Trust is respectful of peoples’ wishes but must have regard for a wide range of issues including the environmental impact on soils, plants, rivers and streams.

Broad guidelines are available to Trust Managers and any proposal or arrangement for the scattering of ashes or any associated ceremonies should be discussed and agreed with individual property managers beforehand.  Contact details are available on the Trust’s website.  If proposals are deemed acceptable, the advice given may include specific locations and appropriate times of day with regard for other planned events and consideration for other visitors.

For the avoidance of doubt there would be a presumption against the erection of any sort of memorial, however temporary.

This information was correct at the time of publication, organisations can change their position so for the most accurate information please contact the origination in question directly.

2 thoughts on “Scatter ashes – National Trust for Scotland

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    Carol Robertson - 25th June 2019

    My late husband David is Scottish and we got married at Gretna Green in 22nd June 2002. In 2015 my dearest David passed away due to leukaemia. I have his ashes with me till my time come. I am living in Surrey to be near my family.

    David and I would like my family to scatter our ashes near Gretna Green.

    I would be very appreciate if you would let me have the informations etc.

    Thank you.

    Carol Robertson

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      Richard Martin - 4th July 2019

      Dear Carol
      I will look into this next week, and let you know what I find.
      Kind regards

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