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qpr cremation ashes

Queens Park Rangers a Prince among Clubs

QPR have a great policy…

The details of ashes scatterings and memorial services at Loftus Road are:

We would be delighted to carry out your wish for the ashes of your loved one to be scattered at QPR.  The procedure starts when you contact the club chaplains, Revd Josh Baines or Revd Denis Adide (details below).  Either one will arrange a time with the club for you, and up to 15 others, to come to Loftus Road for a special ceremony of remembrance.  This will usually happen on a Thursday between 9.30am – 4.30pm.

When the day arrives, you bring about a coffee-jar’s worth of the ashes to Reception on South Africa Road where you will be welcomed by the chaplain.  You will be taken to the players’ dressing room where you can look around and take photographs.  You will be led down the tunnel and taken pitchside (walking on the pitch itself is not permitted).

The chaplain will lead you round to the goalposts at the Loftus Road end, where he will get you to lay the ashes in a small pit in the vicinity of the goal line.  Over the next few minutes, he will encourage you and any others to recall together one or two stories and memories, perhaps linked to of your loved one’s keenness for QPR.  This is followed by a couple of short prayers, ending with a moment’s quiet.

You then return to the tunnel, stopping for photographs in the dugout, then through to Reception where the chaplain will say goodbye.

Again, please note that we can only accept about a coffee-jar’s worth of the ashes.

There is no charge made by the club or chaplain for this service, and it’s also worth knowing that regrettably the club has no parking to offer.

The chaplains details are:

Revd Josh Baines and Revd Denis Adide

Well done QPR, there are precious few London clubs that have  such a thoughtful and considered approach, so this is great to see.

Please note this was accurate at the time on publication (November 2014) but things do change so it is worth double checking first before you confirm your plans.

Look – here is something on French Telly! My Dad’s ashes at QPR



4 thoughts on “Queens Park Rangers a Prince among Clubs

  1. Reply
    Richard Haughney - 5th April 2021

    I see this is an old post when Covid is over will they still be scattering ashes ?

    Richard Haughney

  2. Reply
    Colin - 6th October 2017

    The club did this ceremony in memory of my Dad in April this year (2017). It was a very warm, friendly and moving occasion, and a worthy return for Dad’s 80 odd years of support.
    As a QPR fan myself, I am very proud to follow a club that does so much to honour fans who have left us. In fact, we were very lucky as the occasion was – with our agreement – filmed for French TV (go to YouTube and search “My Dad’s ashes at QPR”.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 9th October 2017

      That is fantastic Colin, thank you for sharing this with us.

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