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The Crown Estate policy on scattering ashes


Well done the Crown Estate: They allow scattering on their property subject to a few caveats… The following is a reproduction of  A Guidance Note for People Wishing to Scatter Ashes in The Royal Landscape The Crown Estate does permit the scattering of ashes within The Royal Landscape, for which no charge is levied. The Crown Estate appreciates that this activity is often very personal, difficult and sensitive and the utmost respect and privacy will be shown to all concerned. However, there are several important provisos which need to be taken into account and which are best made clear at the outset –

  • No temporary or permanent monuments, vases of flowers or other mementoes of any kind are permitted at the site;
  • Very large or formal rituals cannot be accommodated. A simple ceremony with a limited number of participants is acceptable;
  • The ashes, once scattered, will not be deliberately disturbed but, inevitably, the weather and standard landscape and horticultural practices will result in disturbance over time;
  • Other members of the public have access to all areas of the Royal Landscape in which ashes may be scattered, and this cannot, in any way, be altered or affected;
  • Ashes must be scattered rather than left in larger, more visible piles;
  • The agreement to permit the scattering of ashes does not provide for any other privilege such as free entry to car parks or gardens, or out of hours admission to the gardens of the Royal Landscape.

Assuming these conditions are acceptable please contact us with the following information: – The number of people involved. The nature of the ceremony.

The Crown Estate reserves the right to refuse permission for this activity should any element be deemed unacceptable.

Situated in the southeast corner of Windsor Great Park (not part of the Crown Estate), For more information click here

The Royal Landscape is a man-made landscape that’s been shaped and planted over the last 400 years. Open to public, it covers an area of a thousand acres of gardens and parkland – offering rich and varied scenery.

The Royal Landscape includes Virginia Water Lake and its surrounding Georgian landscape of woodland, glades and forest rides. Not to mention two internationally famous gardens – The Savill and Valley Gardens, both created in the 20th Century. Please note emails may change overtime this was correct at the time of publishing.

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