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cremation ashes in barabos

Planning on a trip to scatter ashes in Barbados?


It seems my post of a few weeks back concerning TripAdvisor being used as forum to ask people where to scatter was not a one-off. Here we have a subscribers Texasboy57 (no points for guessing where this chap hails from) asking about the rules and regs for scattering in Barbados.

Apart from the general wittering that all forums seem to contain and the responses that are factual, but don’t actual answer the question the chap did get what he needed. Below is the question and the best answer. The one response whilst being entirely correct yet entirely unhelpful at the same time was to contact the Barbados Government, anyway…

“I have plans to come and stay at Little Arches in April. While there I would like to scatter some of my wife’s ashes off of the beach. I have a tsa approved urn so I shouldn’t have a problem leaving the US. But, does Barbados have any kind of restrictions that I need to be aware of? Any assistance would be very helpful..”

Helpful but please read the exam question:

“The official response is as follows: Cremated ashes may be simply placed in an urn and brought into Barbados in your personal luggage provided it is accompanied with a letter from the undertaker confirming that the deceased person was indeed cremated.

It’s as simple as that. My cousin did the exact same thing last year with her mother’s ashes which were buried at a local cemetery. She had no problems at all.”

Best answer:

“When I brought my mother’s last year, I was told I had to scatter them out at sea at least one mile from shore.

And backed up:

“I agree that there are indeed regulations on scattering at sea. We did with my father in law and the skipper had to be very specific about our coordinates. It was at least a mile as I recall.”

So there you go Barbados – yes, but on the shore no.


2 thoughts on “Planning on a trip to scatter ashes in Barbados?

  1. Reply
    Alda reid - 8th February 2020

    We are traveling from Toronto Canada once we reach Barbados did you have any problems at customs in Barbados clearing the ashes

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 10th February 2020

      Dear Alda

      If you have the correct paperwork (see travelling with ashes) and the urn is able to be x-rayed you should be fine.

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