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scattering ashes on the wirral

Policy on Scattering: Ness Botanical Gardens on the Wirral

scattering ashes on the wirral

The Ness Botanical Gardens, owned by the University of Liverpool,  are situated on the Wirral Peninsula,  overlooking the Estuary of the River Dee and North Wales.

This 64 acre oasis has plants from all over the world all set within tranquil surroundings, what is more – they allow people to scatter their ashes there too!

With some provisos:

  • There are specific sites within the grounds for scattering ashes
  • Discretion in spreading the ashes is the most important element. We feel it is important that this is a private moment, and that care is given not to disturb other visitors and vice versa
  • No markers, displays or plaques may be placed in the gardens
  • Ashes must be evenly scattered over the chosen area
  • Ashes may not be scattered in any water features
  • Areas where ashes are spread may be developed in the future
  • We suggest early in the morning before the gardens are open to the public or late afternoon as a good time of day for your memorial

This is under their ‘Support Us’ section so I am guessing they wouldn’t mind a donation…



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