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National Trust (England) Policy on Scattering Ashes

The National Trust works to preserve and protect the coastline, countryside and buildings of England through practical caring and conservation, through educating and informing, and through encouraging millions of people to enjoy their national heritage. – in their own words

The Trust owns a large number of properties, including historic houses and gardens, industrial monuments and social history sites. In fact it is one of the largest landowners, membership organisations and charities in the UK.

Good news, when we asked them what their policy was on scattering ashes on their property – we have had a response back from them:

“The National Trust does not have a formal policy on this but is happy to consider requests on the basis that there are no environmental problems (i.e. possible contamination of water courses or sources, no accompanying permanent or indeed ephemeral markers), that it is not against any wishes that may have been expressed by a donor, and that the act of scattering the ashes is done discreetly and in private with no interference with others enjoyment of a property. We would also not expect that visitors to the property could see any visual presence of ashes. If these conditions can be met and subject to local arrangements being made with the General Manager or Property Manager at the appropriate property, consent can be granted.
The Trust has a general policy not to allow green burials on our land, although we do receive a number of requests to permit this every year.”
All position statements are actuate at the time of posting, please contact the organisation directly for the most up to date position.

8 thoughts on “National Trust (England) Policy on Scattering Ashes

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    William - 16th July 2018

    Hi there I would like to plant some ashes with a protected tree in Dunham Massey is this something that would be possible?

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 17th July 2018

      Dear William
      You would need to contact the estate directly to see if this is possible: 01619411025 /
      I hope this helps

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    Megan - 6th July 2018

    Hello, my mom has passed away recently and we have just had her ashes back. She absolutely LOVED Cannock Chase. My dad and I were wondering if there’s any way we could go about planting a tree with her ashes?
    Hope you can give us some advice in the right direction.
    Many kind regards.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 9th July 2018

      Dear Megan
      I am sorry to hear the sad news about your mum. Cannock Chase is indeed lovely and great choice, however it is not owned by the National Trust it is Managed by Forestry Commision England, they tend to have a fairly negative approach to people memorialising in their forests. But it is always worth asking, I have had a look on the web for some contact details for you -Tel: 0300 067 4340 email:-cannock@­
      All the best

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    Margret - 1st February 2018

    I would like to spread my sons ashes on stock bridge downs Andover Hants but don’t know who I need to ask he liver to walk there

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 5th February 2018

      Dear Margret

      The site is owned by the National Trust, but there is no site manager referenced as such I would use the main contact page for the National Trust –

      I hope that helps

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    Mrs V Ambrose - 13th August 2017

    I would like my husbands ashes to be scattered at Nymans Garden if, possible,
    , This was a particular favourite place,of his.. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated..
    Many thanks

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 14th August 2017

      Hi there
      We would advise calling the Nymans Garden office directly, their number is: 01444 405250.
      I hope they can help.
      Best wishes

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