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Memorial Woodland in the Lake District

Memorial Woodland close to the Lake District

Planting a memorial tree together with cremated remains

Are you thinking of having your ashes scattered or buried under a memorial tree? Does the Lake District sound like a wonderful resting place? If so, then we can help.

This beautiful woodland is located just outside of Alston, close the Lake District National Park and is privately owned.

With wide views over fantastic countryside, the site aims to be as natural as possible and attracts a wide range of wildlife including heron, deer, badgers and foxes.

Here you can scatter ashes free of charge and dedicate pre-planted trees in memory of a loved one. Alternatively, ashes are placed in a biodegradable urn or mixed freely with compost and a large, potted tree of a variety of your choosing is planted on top of the ashes to create a memory that grows. This tree is managed and cared for until it is established sufficiently to look after itself. They will place an engraved Lakeland slate memorial plaque with your chosen tree with your own personal message adorned upon it in remembrance.


Dedicate a Tree

£99 Dedicate a pre-planted tree in memory of a loved one. Together with a certificate.

  • Dedicated pre-planted Tree
  • Certificate

Tree & Plaque

£199 Dedicate a pre-planted tree with a memorial plaque.

  • Dedicated Pre-planted Tree
  • Personal Plaque
  • Certificate

Burying Ashes

£450 Honour your loved one by burying their ashes in the copse.

  • Bury your ashes
  • New tree planted
  • Personal Plaque
  • Certificate

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