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tube ashes policy

London Underground’s stance on scattering ashes

London underground holds a special place in many people’s the affections (a for others it bring nightmares!). We have had people ask us about TFL policy stance on this, so we contacted them and this is what they said:

Thank you for your feedback form about our policy on scattering of ashes at London Underground stations.

We don’t have a policy on the scattering of ashes. We deal with requests on a case by case basis. We take into consideration operational reasons as some parts of the infrastructure and tracks cannot be accessed publicly.

We do accommodate some requests and offer suggestions if necessary.

If you have a specific request, please let us know the details and we’ll look into the matter for you.

Thanks for contacting us. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please reply to this email. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Customer Service Advisers on 0343 222 1234 who’ll be happy to help

So there you have it, if you fancy your epitaph reading ‘Mind the gap’ and being sending an eternity on the circle and district then it is a possibility…

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