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cremation ashes Leicester city

Leicester City FC – Scattering Ashes at King Power Stadium

Leicester City (aka the Foxes) the powerhouse of East Midlands football secondly only to the might Cobblers in this part of the world a have a garden of remembrance for their fans. I am pleased to say that they offer a couple of options, a plaque and / or scattering.

You can choose to have plaque which has a personal inscription made from blue acrylic this is then affixed to their memorial stone.

Scatterings of ashes in the clubs garden of remembrance needs to be booked in advance, at least 48 hours before the desired date. Although they can be carried out in any time, including weekends as long as it does not clash with a match day. They can be administered by either a Funeral Director or our Club Chaplain if he is available.  All scatterings need to take place in the centre circle of pebbles in either of the gardens.

To contact the club follow this link and ask to be through to the Chaplain or Grounds Maintenance

4 thoughts on “Leicester City FC – Scattering Ashes at King Power Stadium

  1. Reply
    Jane Smith - 17th March 2022

    Hi can you let me know how much it costs to scatter ashes at king power stadium memorial garden and whether the ashes are buried or left scattered on the surface?
    Kind regards
    Jane Smith

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 22nd March 2022

      There is a link on the page (blue) that takes you through to the team at Leicester.
      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Mary gibson - 24th March 2018

    Please contact me Philip Sombach we scattered my father in law a long time ago and my mother in law dying wish was to go with her true love alan Gibson a life long fan and so am I please contact me on 07934949226 please we have been trying since January and my mother law is not at rest yet please Xx

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 26th March 2018

      Dear Mary
      We aren’t Leicester Football club, we just help people with ideas on where to scatter. To scatter at the club you would need to speak to them directly on 0344 815 5000

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