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cremation ashes rose garden

I Beg Your Pardon? I never…

I cannot promise you a rose garden. Truly, I can’t! The Royal National Rose Society Gardens in St Albans, Hertfordshire, does not permit individuals who are not members to scatter cremation ashes within their gardens. It’s a shame, but those are the rules. I suppose one could become a member beforehand if this were your final wish.

It’s unfortunate, as the gardens are a beautiful place, perfect for such a serene and respectful act. The lushness of the roses, their vibrant colours and sweet fragrances, create a peaceful atmosphere that would be ideal for a loved one’s final resting place. However, the policy is quite strict, and they do not make exceptions, fair enough really ashes have a massively toxic impact on roses – they need to Living Memorial Soil, that would sort it out for them.

I apologise for the Dolly Parton reference in this context, but as I was writing this brief post, it seemed so fitting. Her song “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” captures the sentiment perfectly. Sometimes, despite our best intentions and deepest desires, we encounter rules and limitations that we must respect. It is always wise to check the policies of any location you consider for such personal and significant matters. Planning ahead ensures that your final wishes can be honoured in the way you envision.

There are plenty of other options discuss on our where to scatter pages, as we always say – Don’t rush. Once you do this you can’t undo it, take your time think.

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