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I’m going to Graceland: Scattering ashes at the home of Elvis Presley

scattering ashes graceland

Graceland, home of the 20th Century icon Elvis Presley and a place of secular pilgrimage for many, but can you scatter ashes at his estate in Memphis Tennessee (USA)?

We have contacted the booking office and enquiry department and have had no response. So we trawled the various web forums about ‘The King’ , apart from the usual array of nutters there was a lead from a site dedicated to those who adore the classic american electric guitar the Les Paul (big world ah?) and on the forum was a chap who had set off from the UK to the US to scatter the ashes of his mother at Graceland. It would appear he too had had trouble getting a response, but had finally contacted them by phone and they said it would be fine as long as he did it discreetly and first thing in the morning – it would appear that after going to the trouble of asking he then ignored their instruction – hay ho. I can understand the lack of response from the estate, as I am sure they would wish to keep scattering ceremonies to a minimum due to limited space, demand and visitor numbers,  but they do seem amenable if pressed.

So if you or your loved ones wish to rest forever at the home of King then it seems it may be possible, but call rather than email and be prepared to follow their instructions.

This is their contact page  www.graceland.com

2 thoughts on “I’m going to Graceland: Scattering ashes at the home of Elvis Presley

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    Rebecca - 7th February 2021

    Hi my dad and I visited Graceland and stayed in Heartbreak hotel in 2005, he was a massive Elvis fan and dying of covid. He would like one last vist there – his ashes. Is this possible?

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      Richard Martin - 9th February 2021

      Dear Rebecca
      It may be possible, the estate gets a lot of request – you would need to speak to them directly.
      I hope it goes well.
      Kind regards

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