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Golf clubs of Britain – this is how you should do it..

Dear Golf Clubs please take note from the Cabramatta Golf Club in New South Wales, Australia. When loyal member Graham Curtis passed away last year his family sought to carry out his last wishes. As was keen golfer and a long-time member of the Cabramatta Golf Club “He asked to have his ashes scattered there and I didn’t know if it was something we could do,” Mrs Curtis said.

“We had to wait for permission from the board. We didn’t think they would do it, but they planned it all out for us.

“They were just wonderful,” Mrs Curtis said. “They formed a guard of honour at his funeral and the day we spread the ashes, they provided 10 golf carts for us and took us down to the 14th hole.”

“He played golf every Saturday, no matter what,” Mrs Curtis said. “He never missed his golf game.

Mrs Curtis was surprised and chuffed to bits with the reaction of the club

“It was just unbelievable to have all the members from his 35 years came out to pay their respects.”

The club has even put up a small plaque in Mr Curtis’s honour at the 14th hole.

This heart-warming story is particularly pertinent to me. I scattered the ashes of my father on a golf course in England and the club’s reaction could not have been more different. Rudeness, indifference and insensitivity – please believe me I have many more words to describe the club but I think that about sums it up. All of that snobbish behaviour that one previously associated with golf clubs was there in bucket loads (whilst I am not a golfer I am told they are a bit nicer these days). So, golf clubs if you can hear me – take heed! Respect thy fallen members…


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