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certifacte woodland trust dedication

Woodland Dedication: Woodland Trust

woodland tree dedication ashes

Thinking about a memorial tree or idea of a loved one at peace in a beautiful forest surrounding? Then consider a Woodland dedication with the charity the Woodland Trust The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, they acquire and restore ancient woodland, fight to save woods under threat and create new woodland for wildlife and people to enjoy. So what is woodland dedication? An area of woodland within an existing forest will be dedicated in the name(s) of your choice with a promise the area will only ever be dedicated the once. These dedications are available in over 700 woods around the UK. You can scatter the ashes there if you choose as long as you for the Woodland Trust Policy So the options range from dedicating ¼ acre up to a whole acre. With cost ranging from £250 – £1000 With all the dedications you get: • a certificate of dedication • a map outlining your dedicated area • information about your chosen wood’s history and wildlife • a picture of your chosen wood There are a couple more choices you should consider: For £2000 is the ‘acre’ option with an individually crafted post topped with a personalised plaque near or in your dedicated acre and for £3000 an individually crafted FSC oak bench (selected from a choice of 3 designs) with a personalised plaque. One aspect I like is you can set a group fund, for friends and family to contribute – so you can have a beautiful living memorial.

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certifacte woodland trust dedication

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