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Dartmoor National Park Authority: Policy on scattering ashes

The Dartmoor Park Authority is what I would term a reluctant acceptor. They do not advertise or generally recommend the scattering of ashes, and so there is no reference to it on their website. They say there is no ‘official’ policy, however I did find their unofficial advice note, and these are the salient points…

The first point is that the permission of the landowner should be obtained.

When it is on Authority Land eg Haytor, the following would normally apply:

  • A low-key, informal scattering of ashes would raise no objection.
  • A formal gathering, of 30 or more people, on Common Land or other access land would require specific permission and would require them to check time and date to prevent coincidence with other events.
  • They would normally refuse permission for the placement of any permanent plaque
  • They don’t like ashes being buried on Common Land as this is in contrary to DNPA byelaws.
  • They don’t want ashes scattered in rivers or streams as the water may be for human or animal consumption lower down the
  •  If you choose a more popular spot eg Hound Tor used by lots of people, they ask that it is done when the site was quiet and/or in
    a more secluded part of the site so that the public were not perturbed (interesting choice of words).

So there you go, the tone of reluctance comes through, although it still a positive result.

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