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Can you scatter ashes at Twickenham?


It must be every English Rugby Union fan’s dream to have their ashes scattered at Twickenham. They do have a policy and due to the demand it is pretty restrictive, however I for one was touched and impressed at what they had decided.

This is what they said:

The RFU Council has a policy for scattering ashes as we get many requests from families of rugby loving supporters and ex-players and it would be impossible to accede to them all. Requests can only be granted from families of Past Presidents of the Union and from former England Internationals who have played at Twickenham. The President also has the discretion in the case of a serving member of the HM Forces killed in action who had played rugby football for the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force.

In can almost hear ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ ringing in my ears…

Addendum: please see the comment below, their policy may have changed. We will amend properly once we know.

5 thoughts on “Can you scatter ashes at Twickenham?

  1. Reply
    Elizabeth Colman - 5th September 2023

    Can ashes legally be spread in Twickenham village garden, park

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 8th September 2023

      Hi Elizabeth you would need to contact the landowner – I would suggest the parish council may be a good first stop….

  2. Reply
    rob jennins - 6th September 2022

    I’ve just put in a request for my fathers ashes to be spread at Twickenham as he was capped 3 times for England and the request was denied, so the policy must have changed

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 13th September 2022

      Thanks Rob, sorry to hear that, I have put a note on the site.
      Kind regards

  3. Reply
    Christopher Chase - 31st August 2011

    My father died recently, and he loved rugby. He played all over the country, and abroad too. He met Dennis Thatcher during an gala with the Assoication. He even played in Dubai, and was a member of the Jeddah Rugby Football club during the Gulf war.

    I know how hard it is to get permission to scatter ashes at Twickenham, but please help me and my family pay respect for my dear father.

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