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chatworth house derbyshire scattering ashes

Chatsworth House – policy on scattering ashes


Good news for those with a devotion or attachment to the famous Derbyshire county house estate in the Peak District.

They allow for families to scatter a loved one ashes. This is what they say:

Within the park we do allow ashes to be scattered but ask that:

o             Areas are used away from the most visited locations such as the car park, house, bridge etc

o             The ashes are scattered early or later in the day when there are likely to be less people around

o             No plaques, flowers or other markers are to be left

o             Vehicles are parked in the official car parking areas having paid any parking fee

We do not permit the scattering of ashes within the garden unless by special permission of Chatsworth House Trust and the family.

Please note things change this was correct at the time of publishing.

We would advise contacting Chatsworth House directly for up to date information: Chatsworth House Contact Details

4 thoughts on “Chatsworth House – policy on scattering ashes

  1. Reply
    Celia Payne - 23rd June 2023

    Good morning..We were wondering if it is still permitted to scatter loved ones’ ashes within Chatsworth Parkland please?
    We understand the requests on where and when, along with the request for no physical memorial..

    Is there any charge for the scattering, or are donations to Charity suggested?
    Regards and thanks.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 23rd June 2023

      Dear Celia

      Please follow the link on the page to contact them.

      Kind regards

  2. Reply
    Benjamin Halliwell - 22nd May 2022

    Hi me and my family are just wondering if you are still able to spread ashes in the grounds? We know we can’t do it in the gardens. But it would mean a lot to my family if we could spread some of my dads ashes in the grounds.

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - 25th May 2022

      Hi Benjamin
      You would need to approach the owners of the estate directly to see whether they would be prepared to allow you to do this.

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