ashes intered on commission graves

Burying cremation ashes at a War Graves owned by the War Grave Commission

ashes intered on commission graves

Interment of remains in a designated war grave, owned by the Commission, is restricted only to the war casualty’s spouse, siblings or children.

Once it has been established that the initial criteria has been met those that wish to arrange for the interment of the ashes, would have to apply to the War Graves Commission formally in writing. This correspondence would need to give the details of the casualty whose burial we record and the relationship of the recently deceased to that casualty.

They made the point that the rules regarding the importation and interment of ashes varies greatly from country to country and for this reason we always recommend that once the Commission has given permission, it is advisable to seek advice on the transportation of ashes, before making any further arrangement or travel plans.

“Each case is dealt with on an individual basis. Please inform your future enquirers to contact the Commission first regarding any requests to inter ashes in a Commission grave.”

The Commission will only allow ashes to be interred. Scattering ashes at the grave is not permitted.

If you wish to contact them, go to their site: www.cwgc.org


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