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ashes bristol city

Bristol City Football Club Policy

ashes bristol city

Bristol City do allow ashes to be interred at the ground, they don’t allow them to be scattered. 

The response from Bristol City is interesting a spokesman said: “As has been the case for many years, Football League guidelines state clubs are not allowed to have ashes scattered on the pitch due to health and safety.

“As a club, we can arrange – in agreement with the ground staff – to bury ashes beneath the ground and we have done that for our supporters in the past.”

Football league guidelines on how to deal with cremated remains…a matter of health and safety… I was not aware of such, I shall delve, investigate and once uncovered, report back.




2 thoughts on “Bristol City Football Club Policy

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    York - 5th August 2017

    How much to have our dad’s ashes buried in the ground Amanda and Alan

    1. Reply
      Ammon Enterprises Ltd - 7th August 2017

      Dear Amanda and Alan
      You will need to contact Bristol City Football club directly on 0117 963 0600. However they have a policy not to scatter at the ground
      Best wishes

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