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green ashes burial interment

Natural burial site for ashes: Aylesbury Vale Buckinghamshire:

Looking for a natural burial / interment site for ashes? We have teamed up with a recommend natural burial company that offers this service.

The site at Long Furlong, as the meadow is known, is typical of the surrounding area of the Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire – a wide open landscape with big skies. Unhurried, tranquil and private, it offers something gentler.  A place of escape, away from it all.

Natural burial(sometimes also called woodland or green burial) is the most ecological option. With their support and inspiration you’ll have the time and space to do things your way. Afterwards, families can return to the quietness of the surroundings, the wildlife and their memories.

The meadow burial ground at Meadle offers plots for  the interment of ashes and the scattering of ashes. The site  Aylesbury Vale we have allocated an area of the natural burial meadow to accommodate pet burials. Here we can accommodate small, medium and large pets – cats, dogs and horse

Interment of Ashes: Are you looking for a natural ashes burial site to bury or scatter ashes that is looked after on a permanent basis and that will give you surety that:

  • the ashes won’t be disturbed
  • you can visit at a time convenient to you
  • they are in a natural setting
  • that the site will be well maintained
  • where the burial is recorded for future generations

You can have a sense of peace knowing you’ll be in the landscape you love.

Costs: On Application

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Interment of Ashes


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