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Ashes Policy at Reading Football Club

Scattering Ashes at Madejski Stadium: Reading Football Club’s Policy

We asked Reading Football Club to let us know what their policy was on the scattering of ashes at Madejski Stadium in Reading. This is what they said:

We are unable to have ashes scattered on the pitch at the Madejski Stadium. We do, however, have a garden of remembrance at the stadium where supporters are more than welcome to visit at any time. Details of this can be found on our website.

Reading Football Club recognizes the importance of providing a place for supporters to commemorate their loved ones. While scattering ashes on the pitch itself is not permitted, the garden of remembrance offers a peaceful and respectful alternative. This dedicated area allows fans to honour and remember their connections to the club in a meaningful way. For further information about the garden of remembrance, including how to access it and any guidelines, please visit the club’s official website.

Scattering Ashes at Football Grounds

Scattering ashes at football grounds is a practice that holds deep emotional significance for many supporters. For lifelong fans, football clubs often represent more than just a sports team; they are a source of cherished memories, community, and identity. As such, the desire to have one’s final resting place connected to a beloved club is understandable. However, policies regarding the scattering of ashes vary widely between clubs and stadiums. Many clubs offer alternative solutions, such as memorial gardens or dedicated remembrance areas, where fans can pay tribute to their loved ones in a dignified manner. These spaces provide a lasting connection to the club, allowing families to honour the passion and loyalty of their deceased in a respectful environment. Always check with the specific club for their policies and available options to ensure that these memorial requests are handled appropriately.

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