Patterned Journey Water Urn

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Ganges Holy Water


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Patterned Journey Water Urn 100% Biodegradable – Pillow Water Urn

Journey Water Urns are suitable for deeper rivers, lakes or the sea. These pillow urns are designed to float* for a while, and then gracefully sink to the bottom. The urns will break down naturally over a few hours. Available in a range of colours. Each design has a matching ‘mini’ urn (sold separately), so that you can scatter a token amount.

This biodegradable water urn is handmade using a centuries old paper making technique. The mulberry tree bark is harvested, leaving the tree alive and intact. The bark is soaked, creating a pulp. The pulp is laid out to dry on a bamboo screen.

They are sometimes referred to as pillow or cushion urns due to their distinctive shape.

Our popular Journey Water Urns are now available in two striking new patterned designs;

Scottish Thistle (Royal Blue)

Since ancient times, the Scottish people have had a deep affection for the thistle, which is not only the nation’s symbol but also known as the “ Flower of Scotland .” Nature’s prickliest flower, the thistle is ubiquitous in Scotland where it is the national symbol. Known for its roughness and ability to thrive in harsh conditions, and rich in history and symbolism.

Lily (White)

Represent purity and modesty.  Remarkably, lilies also sometimes symbolize death and they represent the event of one’s soul passing away from the body.  The Lily is one of the most popular floral choices for funerals because it represents the restored innocence of the departed soul.

You can have the option of putting an inscription on the urn of your choice, making it truly personal. This can be a name and a date or poem – whatever you choose. We will fit the wording to the available space, the more words you choose the smaller we will need to make them. Please note: this will increase delivery time by 1 week and layout will be worked out by the engraver to make best use of the space available.

* Note: The length of time the urn floats depends on a number of things: mainly the weight of the ashes and whether the water is choppy. On average the urn will float for around 5 minutes, but this can vary, as such we can’t guarantee the length of time the urn will float. The combined weight of two sets of ashes means the companion urn is likely to sink quickly.

Standard: 14″L x 12″W x 3″D or 35cmL x 31.5cmW x 7cmD
Mini: 8″L x 6.5″W x 2″D or 21cmH x 17cmW X 5.5cmD
Standard: 3.60 Litres, (suitable for 1 adult)
Mini: 0.98 Litres.

Filling the urn

The urns are simple to fill, here is our video showing you how – Filling a Journey Water Urn

Water ashes ceremony

Water burials are a very dignified way to conduct an ashes ceremony – you can cast petals, put last words on our promises notelets. As the water urn floats, you will have enough time to say some final words: such as prayers or thoughts for example. Many clients find that the simple presence of a body of water after the ceremony can help them to remember that person.

We consider these urns more suitable for deeper water below the low tide line. Please see our page on general guidance for ceremonies or river or the sea.

You should record where you conducted the ceremony, so future generations will know the exact place. If you are on a boat, the skipper will be able to tell you your exact location – Scattering Ceremony Record.

What people say about the Journey Water Urn

“My Dads water urn has arrived within 24 hours & is even more beautiful that we expected.  Your service has been fantastic & through your site we have been able to plan Dads final journey which will happen in May when we take him to be scattered in Cornwall. Thanks again Clare”

“Just want to thank you for the very fast delivery which arrived this morning, arriving less than 24hrs after I placed the order, it is no wonder that you have had awards for your company. Regards, Paul”

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Aqua, Embossed Green, Embossed Pearl, Lily, Moss Green, Natural, Navy, Purple, Thistle, Aqua Embossed




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