Fairtrade Caskets – Pandanas Seagrass

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  • Specifically designed for burial
  • 100% Biodegrade 
  • Great design
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Fairtrade


Fairtrade Caskets – Pandanas Seagrass Urns for Natural Burial

Fairtrade Caskets for ashes. A wonderfully crafted environmentally-friendly and fairtrade cremation urn, we have seen a number of woven designs,

Made from Pandanus – an environmentally-friendly alternative to seagrass – it comes with a thick cotton bag for the ashes.

There are two designs, both in natural weave;

Allium (Round Casket 8″ in height by 7″ wide) or,

Tulip (Bell Shaped Casket 8″ in height by 7″ wide).

These urns are ideal for burial at a formal grave site or green burial.

Capacity: approx 3 litres suitable for one set of adult ashes

Pandanus or wild pineapple is an environmentally friendly alternative to seagrass. Seagrass is an aquatic plant which grows in shallow coastal waters and provides shelter for many species of nursery fish. When this is harvested, the habitat is destroyed and the fish are endangered. Pandanus, on the other hand, is a prolific and rapidly growing weed which thrives anywhere on land, even in adverse conditions. When woven it is almost indistinguishable from seagrass.

100% Biodegradable

These beautiful urns are specifically designed for burial, you can feel totally reassured that by placing your loved one’s ashes into the urn and then burying it, it will start to naturally biodegrade allowing the gentle release of ashes back into the soil.

For help with finding a natural burial ground see the Natural Death Centre’s list of natural burial grounds

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1 review for Fairtrade Caskets – Pandanas Seagrass

  1. Tim

    Thank you for the Urn it is lovely and just what I was looking for, although no card was left indicating where it was left our neighbour brought it round later in the evening, thanks again for great service

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