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Winner of the Crematoria of the Year 2016

Scattering Ashes was the proud sponsor of the Crematoria of the Year at the Good Funeral Awards 2016, we are keen to encourage improve the customer experience of this sector, and recognise this often chastised part of the industry.

There were six crematoria who made the long-list at the 2016 Good Funeral Awards.

Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff

Gwent Crematorium

Kettering Crematorium

Mortlake Crematorium

Redditch Crematorium

Congratulations too all those organisations who entered.

The winner was Thornhill Crematorium. Why? well this is what the judges said

Thornhill crematoria has achieved outstanding improvements to its service provision in the last year.

  • The crematorium is addressing funeral poverty in imaginative ways. A privately run flower shop has opened on site, furthering the support for the Cardiff Council Funeral Service. The Cardiff Council Funeral Service was a pioneering initiative when it was established in a bid to address funeral poverty and to challenge the rising costs of funerals whilst making the funeral purchase more transparent. Approximately 12% of all cremations use the service.
  • Both chapels have been refurbished, and the Wenallt Chapel, which seats 168, has a new waiting room, toilets and exit.This was undertaken at no additional cost to the Authority and was achieved by clever budget juggling.
  • The Book of Remembrance has been re-sited resulting in an improved visitor experience as the new location in the central area of the Gardens of Remembrance has separated those visiting to remember their loved ones from those attending funerals. A digital Book of Remembrance has also been included allowing families access to their loved one’s name throughout the year rather than just once a year. This room has environmentally friendly lighting installed, CCTV and new cabinets to ensure these unique memorials are correctly housed.
  • The crematorium has a Green Flag and has undertaken initiatives designed to boost its eco-credentials. Recycling operatives on site recycle the wreaths to minimise waste and bins are provided split into green waste, plastic and general waste. All plastic waste is recycled and the green waste is composted.
  • Thornhill Crematorium has a 98% satisfaction and performs 2,700 cremations annually. Three memorial services are held per annum at Christmas, Palm Sunday and a Baby Memorial Service supported by Sands and the University Hospital of Wales Chaplaincy Department.

Martin Birch Operational Manager Bereavement & Registration Services for the City and County of Cardiff received the award : “I am personally extremely proud of the team we have in Cardiff and the service we provide. It is wonderful that the work we do has been recognised at a national level through such a prestigious award. This is a real positive lift for everyone associated with our service and we will continue to look to make improvements to our service for the benefit of the bereaved.”

The prize awarded to Thornhill was from the host of the evening  former GMTV host Penny Smith, the Photo is courtesy of Jackie King.

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