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NYC unclaimed ashes

When reality TV encounters cremation ashes

NYC unclaimed ashes

Storage Wars is a popular US reality daytime show, that is also broadcast over here in the UK. This is a slightly odd concept to my mind. The premise is you follow people around whose business is purchasing the contents of storage units. The container contents are auctioned unseen to the highest bidder (the original tenant has defaulted and gone into arrears) . You film them to see if they have a got a bargain or a buffer.

One former contestant Mr Steve Monetti got a surprise when he spent $550 on the contents of a lock-up in Harlem, New York City (USA) that contained 31 urns and set of ashes.

“Something came over me. I just felt I had an aura, that I had to purchase this unit,”

“I thought I had seen it all until I saw this,”

“This was the scariest abnormal feeling. The hair stood up on my neck. I started seeing the amount of people. I kept finding more and more and more,” Monetti said.

The property belonged to Ms Eugenia Street until recently, when she fell behind on her rent for the locker. The contents originally belonged to her late uncle Warren Blake. He was a New York Police Detective, who also ran a funeral home in Harlem. When the company folded all the ashes where put in storage, “I’m just sorry people never came to claim their loved ones. They’ve been abandoned for a long period of time.” She said.

The police and medical examiner’s office determined there was no crime committed.

The cremated remains will be brought to another funeral home in Harlem with hopes that the families of lost loved ones will be identified.

Sad, but not surprising I suppose, very kind of the other funeral director to take on the liability as there is little chance that anyone will reclaim them. We don’t tend to think of funerals going bust, but of course they do so what do other do in such circumstances? Perhaps there should be some municipal provision for this?

I also thought was interesting that a police detective was allowed to / had time to run a funeral home!


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