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Rhonda valley ashes scattering site

Site in the Welsh Valleys used for scattering ashes has been vandalised

Rhonda valley ashes scattering site

The well-known White Cross of Trealaw has been vandalised.

The cross in the heart of the Rhondda valleys has been partially dismantled by a group of mystery climbers. The cross was built by Glyn Thomas, of Trealaw, in 2005 as a final resting place for those who wanted their ashes scattered on the mountainside.

For reasons unknown the vandals climbed the hill and threw the stones that make up the cross in all different directions, whilst the ‘why’ is a mystery it must have taken some considerable effort. This has made the locals cross (about the cross) and they have set to work restoring it to its former glory.

Shawn Stevens, from Tonyrefail, who organised the restoration project, said: “I don’t think youngsters have done this. They wouldn’t have been able to throw them as far as they have.

“About 15 of us went up there. We were initially going to assess the site and see what repair work needed to be done.

“But we ended up picking up a lot of the stones and placing them back.

“On Monday, its creator Glyn Thomas painted it, so it’s now fully restored.

“The cross was not made for any deeply religious reasons. It was made for the people of the Rhondda.”

I agree it is not a ‘youth’ type thing, perhaps the vandals objected to the large piece of Christian symbolism being erect without permission (unless it did have permission that is and they omitted to filling the correct forms out at the time), anyway whatever the reason it was it was heartless.

This story caught my eye because generally the compliant is about those scattering ashes who can be insensitive to beauty spots, whereas this is people making a beauty spot unpleasant for those choosing to scatter there…

The good news is that it is well on the way to be restored – so well done the local volunteers…


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