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The Six Nations Rugby Tournament, Guinness and Scattering Ashes

The Six Nations 2019. Hold the press, someone has invented some spooky mind ray thing and they are somehow extracting thoughts, I blame the Google Street View van. It must have some clever gizmo on it that is harvesting thought waves. This must be the only plausible explanation, otherwise how else could the advertising agency that works for Guinness, combine:

  • My favourite sporting tournament
  • My favourite drink
  • And something I spend my life writing about

Agh? Well you tell me, anyway they have done somehow and fair play to them, they have done a cracking job. Their advert is up to Guinness’ normal standard of excellence. It says that it is based on a true story and in one minute thirty seconds follows the exploits of three brothers. The brothers carry out their mum’s last wishes and spend their inheritance on watching the six nations, and they have a rare old time. Then in a final moving snippet we see them scatter the ashes of their beloved  mum on a windswept beach.

I do admire the skill of these people telling a story, linking it to a brand, in a meaningful way, all in 90 seconds.

Anyway see it for yourself…

1 thought on “The Six Nations Rugby Tournament, Guinness and Scattering Ashes

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    Rwcglobally - 22nd July 2023

    Guinness nailed it with this heartwarming and clever ad! A perfect blend of rugby, brotherhood, and cherished memories. Well done!

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