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The Beckham’s what blog would be complete with out them


David Beckham scatters his Grandfather’s ashes at Tottenham’s White Heart lane

As you may have noticed from our page on football pitches Tottenham Hotspur do not usually allow the scattering of ashes on there ground, but were prepared to make an exception for Joseph the Grandfather of the ex England captain.

His grandfather was passionate about the game had been a season-ticket holder at Tottenham for most of his life, so the family thought it fitting.

After the ceremony David did a tour of the ground and one official reported that “David said that the stadium brought back so many happy memories for him from his childhood. He joked that the stadium still smelled the same.”

My one thought on this (and it is a lovely story), is that people tend to think about those just departed and not what goes on after that event. It may be that his Grandma will want to be put with his grandad, but she may have reservations I don’t know she might have hated the place?

Also you will notice Becks is wearing a skull cap, his grandfather was Jewish, odd then he he opted for cremation? Guessing he may have been Jewish by tradition as opposed to belief?

1 thought on “The Beckham’s what blog would be complete with out them

  1. Charles Cowling - 14th January 2011

    Yes, what a good point. These things should always be negotiated and cordially agreed.

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