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Shijiazhuang in china is to hold a mass ash scattering at sea

scattering ashes china

SHIJIAZHUANG In china is to hold a mass ash scattering at sea, the authorities have been promoting this as an environmentally friendly alternative to burial (of ashes). Traditionally in the Chinese believe that burying a loved in the ground was the only proper way to show respect. And the more you spend the more respect you show, which as China becomes increasing prosperous this has meant in some part of the country spending has gone off the dial with people spending over £100,000 on their parent’s tombs and cremation urns. So with land in some areas becoming scarce the Authority has been looking for alternatives, this this case scattering cremation ashes at sea.

Fifty families are to join the event, which will be held in Tanggu district in northern port city of Tianjin, said Dai Yulin, of the Shijiazhuang People’s Memorial.

“Each family will scatter the ashes of their deceased into the sea” Mr Yulin said.

“We have always been advocating the green way of burial, the sea burial, because it is a low-carbon and environment-friendly way,” he said.

The event has been held for the last 15 years.

Funny, I never think of China as suffering from land pressure, to confirm my ignorance I looked up SHIJIAZHUANG on the map using a traditional Atlas (don’t know just feels more real that way) my guess was about 500 miles out, and the size of the city 10 million people! So I am thinking fifty people… well it’s a start I guess.



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