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Scattering by drone – a logical extension I suppose

Ashes in fireworks, ashes scattered from Bi-planes, radio controlled helicopters and now from a drone

Well I guess there was a certain inevitability, people like ashes being scattered into the sky and the drone is the latest and most convenient / affordable method for doing this. But currently only available ‘Down-Under’ and probably near the gold coast.

Mark Fogarty from NSW is the first Australian to be licensed (by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)) to spread ashes from his drone. The cost? $500 ASD which I guess isn’t too bad.

Mr Fogarty said the idea came to him when his own father died.

“Dad had always liked fishing,” he said. “I wanted to put him out in the ocean, but there weren’t a lot of options.

“Often when ashes are scattered on the shoreline the wind can play a big factor, blowing them back on the people there and away from where they’re meant to go.

“Using drone technology ashes can be scattered as loved ones sit and take in the important moment.”

Mr Fogarty, who started Blue Horizon Memorials in December, said it took him about 12 months to get his

“The drone costs between $15,000 and $20,000 with the set-up we have for it, but we have tried to keep the cost of our service reasonable, we want to make it easy for people to farewell their loved one with dignity.”

“We can spread ashes at Paradise Point or at Tallebudgera, but at the moment that is it on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“It is unique and some might say strange, but we are getting a lot of positive feedback.”

The journalist even got a few words from a happy client –

Sara Williams’ family had her father-in-law’s ashes spread over his Northern NSW property in late December.

“We had never heard of it before, but were keen to give it a go after hearing of bad experiences when trying to scatter ashes yourself,” she said.

“It was a lovely, special moment, we all sat together and watched.

“We asked for wildflower seeds to be scattered with the ashes, so in spring there will be another reminder of him on the property.”

Original article (it even has a video!)  –

1 thought on “Scattering by drone – a logical extension I suppose

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    Leann - 22nd October 2021

    Hi, I’m in Utah. We are looking to scatter ashes by drone. Obviously you are not able as you are not here. But we found someone willing to do it. What do you use or recommend to use to scatter by drone? Is there a specific apparatus that works best?

    Any advice or help would be appreciated. Our son passed and he would really like the scatter by drone ceremony. Thanks for any help.

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