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cremation ashes biggs

Elaborate arrangement for the ashes of Ronnie Biggs

cremation ashes biggs

Ronnie Biggs, probably the most infamous of the great train robbers, due to his flamboyant lifestyle and his escape and evasion of the law, passed away recently. His son Michael Biggs has plan for what he wishes to do with his father’s ashes.

He intends to split the ashes into three (and a bit). The first third he intends to scatter at Bridego Bridge in Ledburn, Buckinghamshire on the 50th anniversary of the Great Train Robbery. The second portion will be sent to his ex-wife Charmian in Australia, with whom he was still on good terms with despite his hasty exit to Brazil to evade capture. Charmian wishes to scatter the ashes on the grave of their son who sadly died in a car crash in 1971, aged ten.

The remaining third of his father’s cremated remains Michael wishes to scatter at the feet of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Whether that is allowed or not I do not know, but I doubt what the rules say will have much to do with it. The last bit Michael aims to keep and use in a memorial tattoo, a small but growing trend in which ashes are mixed with ink and thus incorporated into the tattoo.

I don’t think there is much point in me commenting about Mr Biggs, his colourful life has been well documented. What I find it interesting that his son has placed such symbolism in dispersing his father’s ashes and no matter what you may think of Mr Biggs senior clearly his son had a huge amount of love for him, which in part is demonstrated by his intensions. And I suppose the element that involves Bridego Bridge is aimed to represent his last famous two fingered salute…?


2 thoughts on “Elaborate arrangement for the ashes of Ronnie Biggs

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    Mike Gray - 21st January 2014

    Good Afternoon,
    I agree with your comments that Biggs son Michael was a very loving individual and Ronnie who became his Father/Mother for so many years was such a large part of the Biggs family life.
    Sending Ronnies ashes to his first wife Charmian in Melbourne is a lovely sentiment so she can spread the ashes onto her late son Nicholas’s plot at Springvale Crematorium, also the sending of ashes to Rio’s Christ The Redeemer statue, as Brazil became home to Biggs for 31 years, but i do NOT agree with the ashes at Bridego Bridge, where the train was unloaded of its mail bags,and Mr Mills the train driver had suffered at the hands of the train robbers, let sleeping dogs lie, Mike Gray (Author: The Ronnie Biggs Quiz Book & The Great Train Robbery Quiz Book)

    1. Reply
      Richard - 21st January 2014

      Just to clarify – I wasn’t say I agreed with it, I was second guessing what Mr Biggs jnr’s intentions were. Thank you for commenting

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