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Radio 4 Programme on scattering ashes – they would like to hear from you..

Society is changing and we now often take the ashes of a loved one home from crematoria, rather than have them scattered at the garden of remembrance. However, this is relatively new tradition and people tend to do it without the help or support of the clergy or funeral profession. BBC Radio 4 are hoping to hear from members of the public that have experience with this subject and would like to share them, in particular they would like to speak to:

–          Those who have had a family dispute which has led to the scattering either being delayed for some time, or still not to have taken place…

–          People whose ceremony hasn’t gone according to plan – not factoring in the wind, scattering furtively in unusual places and so on.

–          Someone who lives with the ashes home, maybe prominent (eg the mantelpiece) and their ongoing relationship with that person’s memory.

If you would like to help and volunteer please email us , call 0117 2308180 or fill out the contact form below.

Thank you.

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